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Reservations highly recommended, pictures speak a thousand words 😉

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Everyone is a vip when reserving a table through this website

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Visiting Harry Potter studios in leavesden? 

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Frequently asked questions

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Q. Can I get up to 20% discount on my takeaway orders?

A. Yes only when you order via our online platform, there is a minimum and maximum spend threshold, once the value matches, the system will automatically give you a voucher to claim after checkout to redeem your discount amount, the system will also detect if it's a delivery or collection order and apply different discounts accordingly.

Q. Do I need to call the restaurant to reserve a table?

A. Absolutely not, we have spent A lot of money on this platform to make it simple for you to reserve a table and leave us booking notes, however you are welcome to call if you like, we don't mind.

Q. How long do takeaway orders take for collection?

A1. On Sunday to Thursday we aim to have all collection orders ready for you to collect within 30 minutes.

A2. On Friday and Saturday we aim to have all collection orders ready for you to collect within 40 minutes.

Q. How long does it take to deliver my food?

A1. On Sunday to Thursday we aim to deliver within 45 minutes however this can be a few minutes longer due to distance from our location to the delivery address.

A2. On Friday and Saturday we aim to deliver within 70 minutes this is so we can keep a time buffer so you don't get disappointed if we get very busy and things get out of control (which does happen every week 😉).

Q. Why do you charge a delivery charge?

A. Blame companies like uber and deliveroo, its hard to find drivers who want to work under any terms less than the above companies, Drivers are self employed they DRIVE their own vehicle which has extra costs associated with it for delivering food, we pay an hourly rate and minimum delivery charge to keep the competition fair.

Q. Do you charge service charge?

A. No we don't have any service charge for our restaurant or takeaway service, but we have no~~

Q. Do you give discounts in the restaurant for takeaway?

A. No, any discounts given in the restaurant are discretionary, all discounts are only available via our websites online  ordering system.

Q. Do you give discounts in the restaurant for dining in?

A. No, however we do have promotions in house during the weekdays which are discounted for you, no discounts will be givengiven unless stated on promotions or on the websites or in some cases it's the discretion of the management for special occasions I.e large outdoor catering, in which case please speak to management for best deals.

Q. Can I pay with credit or debit card for my takeaway?

A. Yes, we encourage everyone to pay directly on our website when you place your order, we use Restropay to process all payments, it's secure, fast and time saving, because when you come to the restaurant we will use Quick Payment to collect payment anyways, which requires manual input of your card details, now we know we dont like other people entering card details manually right? Visit  website for more info on the security standards.

Q. I want to pay cash, how do i do that? 

A. When you go to the online checkout you will get the option to pay by card or cash, just make your selection it's easy as that, note if you wish to pay by card but then change your mind we have a cash option in the card section too, so don't worry we have you covered there too.

Q. Do you have a newsletter for monthly updates?

A. Yes, join our free monthly newsletter the form is on the bottom of the website, we send newsletters once a month with all upcoming events deals and promotions, so what are you waiting for sing up and stay in the loop.

Q. Do you have Apple & Android Apps?

A. Yes, we have apps in the relevant appstore we also have the links somewhere in the websites, so you don't have to look too hard in the stores to find us, just click the link you will be directed to your relevant appstore. 

Q. Do you accept Tastecard, Gourmet society, Meerkat meals etc, etc, etc?

A. No not anymore, we allowed everyone to use the discount cards but 95% of the customers who use these discount cards did not follow the rules on the platform websites, and when we refused we have been called all sorts of names and some customers have caused serious issues in the restaurant in front of our regular customers, our regular customers are like our family they have been coming to saffron for over 13 years, we don't want our regulars to experience any misbehaving from new customers whom only come to try us for the discounts and cause us grief and leave, we believe this is not good practice to run a business, which is why we have banned or cancelled all discount card companies permanently for now until they can come up with a secured solution so restaurants and its regular customers don't have  to face abusive customers, and are protected from false and negative reviews from such customers who don't follow the terms and conditions of either companies.